CV Sara Gillingham Aukner 2022


Arbitrator & Mediator

Commercial mindset, extensive cross-border legal experience

Former General Counsel at a leading international ship operator, responsible for dispute resolution and legal strategy in a volatile global trading environment. Involvement in shipowning, chartering, and derivative trading. Previous executive and non-executive board positions in shipping, insurance and commercial property.

A user of mediation, arbitration and court proceedings worldwide in a wide range of disputes involving all forms of contracts of carriage, marine insurance, shipbuilding, sale and purchase, joint ventures, infrastructure projects, corporate/commercial issues, counterpart risk, guarantees and financial trading.

In addition to providing diverse legal services in an international environment, being GC involved identifying business-critical risks, creating pro-active strategies to manage risk exposure and providing solutions. Energetic and forward-leaning, I have a proven ability to simplify complex scenarios through analysis, quick-thinking and sound business acumen.

Independent, fair and objective

In arbitrations, I recognise the need for efficiency of procedure and prompt delivery of awards whilst providing the parties with a fair and impartial arena for determination of their dispute. I support transparency of costs in arbitration.

In mediations, I enjoy getting the parties to discuss issues and explore possible solutions. Mediation offers a welcome opportunity to be creative. With a healthy appetite for resolving new challenges, I strive to facilitate agreement and enable workable solutions.

Now independent, I  accept appointments in commercial arbitration or mediation.

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