Arbitrator & Mediator

I offer over 30 years’ experience of arbitration, mediation and court proceedings in many jurisdictions worldwide as:

  •  Legal practitioner
  •  A commercial user of dispute resolution services
  •  Client

With a strong commercial background from many years as General Counsel, my focus is on solving problems and achieving results. As a lawyer, I offer integrity and impeccable ethics.

Through diverse roles in the maritime and insurance industry, I have acquired considerable commercial and operational know-how as well as a significant hands-on understanding of shipping practices (as owner and charterer), insurance, trade and corporate finance, supply chain logistics, derivative trading, insolvency and cross-border issues. I have additional experience in commercial property management, construction and land development.

My career spans private legal practice, in the UK and overseas, working with small and medium-sized businesses, working in-house with a global insurer and an international public listed company, at entry-level as well as C-suite and board level.

Having experienced a variety of challenging situations, I appreciate:

  •  Client needs – the quick, painless and economical resolution of disputes, without losing business partners.
  • Insurance considerations – sensitivity to the assured/insurer relationship and possible alignment (or not) of interests.
  •  Lawyers’ needs – an independent and impartial arbitrator with focus on efficiency, from a time perspective, as well as costs.

As an arbitrator, I am objective and impartial, firm but fair. I strive for efficiency in the arbitration process and timely publication of awards. I have experience of both ad hoc and institutional arbitration. I am conscious of the need for recognition and enforcement of awards across borders.

As a mediator, I strive to facilitate acceptable solutions that enable the parties to move on, with continued relations where possible. It is a challenge to enable fruitful discussions rather than repetition of bargaining positions. I have trained in Norway and worked with experienced UK mediators. I can offer an innovative approach to resolving disputes.

I accept appointments worldwide. I am a frequent user of video-conferencing to save on travel time/costs, although I am also willing to travel when required.

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Please contact me should you have any questions, wish to discuss my fees for arbitration services or my fees for mediation and other ADR services.

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